Greendays is specialized and dedicated to protect the environment, such as waste management, being inserted in a high demand regulation market. Greendays policy is based on the following principles: A commitment to quality of life and sustainable development through the implementation and maintenance of the integrated management of Quality, Environment and Safety system.
Always provide better service to customers and stakeholders, valuing them and ensuring a permanent satisfaction, taking into account compliance with legal regulatory requirements applicable to our industry, through its recognition and constant updates.
Working with suppliers and contractors that demonstrate that they are able to achieve the specifications of Quality, Environment and Safety requirements, taking into account continuous improvement.
Promote motivation and participation of all employees of the company, providing adequate means to properly carry out their work, stimulating the ability of initiative, team work, professional training and permanent competence and technical developments.
Counting with a professional team in the performed activities in the integrated management of Quality, Environment and Safety (SGI) system, and promote the necessary measures of rationalization and optimization of available resources. Communicate this policy of Quality, Environment and Safety which must be continually adjusted to all interested parties, so that they can understand and comply with all the obligations that this policy establishes.
Assume a commitment to prevent pollution by minimizing and monitoring air emissions, noise, wastewater and general waste, also rationalize the consumption of water and energy, as well as the adoption of appropriate measures to the type of hygiene and safety appropriate to the typology of the different facilities.
Take all appropriate measures to ensure the protection of its employees, contractors, subcontractors and visitors, and also the constant monitoring of unusual security conditions which may exist in order to establish appropriate corrective action.