Greendays in Romania

The Waste Management services and Urban Cleaning, started in August in the city of Aiud, District of Alba in Romania (with a population of about 40,000 inhabitants).

This service awarded for a period of 10 years includes: the Collection of USW´s throughout the county; urban cleaning in the city; and managing the screening station and landfill, estimating a financial snap in the order of 7 million euros. With this achievement, overcoming the competition from several companies from that country, new horizons where opened for Greendays Romania, already existing a clear intention receiving a new award, this time in the city of Sebes.

Adjudication Service - County of Vale de Cambra (Portugal)

In June 2010 was awarded with the County of Vale de Cambra for a period of five years:

- the collection of municipal solid waste across the county;
- the Urban Sanitation in the City;
- and the Collection of Green Waste and Bulky across the county.